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Our mission.

If you have reached this page, you might be curious to find out who are we and why a physical pharmacy is so present on the web.

We are two parents of four children who started using the web to find functional and innovative products 21 years ago,when our first child was born.

After testing the products, we started proposing the best ones to our pharmacy’s customers, in the Genoese district of Voltri.

Many parents were amazed when seeing the products: "But how did I not know them before? They would have helped me simplify my daily life as a parent!"

At that point in time it felt natural to us to use the net as a way of sharing the experience of health professionals and parents with people who did not necessarily live or pass near our pharmacy.

We quickly started using various platforms: the Blog as a source of explanations; Facebook  page for questions the YouTube channel for tutorials and products descriptions that are difficult to explain with words but easy to be seen; Twitter as a quick contact for those who may not find the package insert of a drug or need a quick opinion Instagram for those who want to discover some snapshots of our daily lives; Tumblr for those who want to have a daily laugh with #risateinfarmacia.

We see the internet as a mean to share our experience as parents, with 4 children now, and as health expertsin general and not as chemists only. Indeed over the years we have deeply studied and learned herbal medicine, homeopathy, Australian flowers and last but not least nutrition.

This website is a way to make available to you the fruits of our research and experience, hoping you will find what you are looking for (otherwise report it to info@farmaciaserragenova.it and we will try to answer your questions in the shortest time possible).

We hope to meet you in person at the pharmacy, via Camozzini 132 R Genoa, for a slice of focaccia and a chat.

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